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In Genenva

Zoned out and panicked

snow 7 °C
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After a harrowing 24 hours plus travelling (you know how it is) we touched down into a 7 degree geneva. Actually Etihad was really pretty good as airlines go-apart from seating Gai and I in separate sections of the Abu Dhabi leg (a bad thing?). However, because of a light loading we could move pretty much anywhere after lift off. I have to say i much preferred that ride on a now long-in-the-tooth A330 and found it quieter and smoother than the Dreamliner.

In a flash of brilliance which come me rarely, I convinced my son Luke to make the short hop over from Chamonix to take charge of the lease car trip back to his place. There were some frantic moments finding fuel, deciding if Benzole really means Diesel and programming the inbuilt GPS to skirt the
Swiss 40 Euro Vignette required to drive 500 metres on a motorway in their territory.

And then...Chamonix!. You can't take a photo of this, it's just everywhere...towering peaks like the mesmerising Mont Blanc...and fabulous The Brevent (going up tomorrow.) So we stand on Luke's verandah and just look straight up, vertical on both sides of the valley and go,,,,oooohhhhhhh!!!

Streetsoup In Continent

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27 Days later

And it's still 34 degrees!

sunny 34 °C

Most of the organising is over with and the countdown is on. Ended up leasing a brand spanker Renault Captur, with built in GPS, all excess covered and any driver within the family. Much better deal than renting. Bets are now being taken as to how many times I climb in the RH seat to drive!
Really, I am ok with the driving bit, think it will just need a lot of concentration in busy areas. It's the cold that's more of a concern. Do you think there is any chance of the temperature in the Alps tripling in 3 weeks?

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The beginning


overcast 34 °C

Having always been a somewhat planner I did not pay too much attention to detail for this trip. However, modern commitment being what it is, plans need to be made. So basic Italian lessons have been ongoing for weeks now and I can confidently ask "what is that in Italiano" and 'what is you name". Fantastic progress!
Currently plotting to hijack the paris time for an indulgence in Hemingway's Paris; will try to manipulate this with the mandatory visits to the Louvre, etc.
Paradoxically, I did not want to go anywhere near Paris originally, but the Bride insisted and now I have a feel for the idea I am trying to slot in as much time as possible in the "City of Love". But.... I am not going to sacrifice Italian time for that cause; South of France will have to suffer. So maybe 3/4 days in Provence and the wankers Coast (Nice, Monte Carlo) and then off!

Currently the biggest worry is leaving the Sunnie in a near heat-wave to fly into snow-thaw; the shock will be substantial.

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